Changing Firms

The Smartest Move You Will Ever Make

Why choose NextHome Champions?

Your future depends on it.  There is one major thing that THIS broker is focused on, that is vital to our industry, and we think many brokerages have missed the boat.

Technology is what is driving this industry.  Sure you will get business coaching and superior training like other brokerages offer…with one difference-ours isn’t just about what to say and how to say it (although that is included as well)-our training and coaching focuses on how to leverage TECHNOLOGY with what you are currently doing.  And isn’t just about how to survive in this industry, it is specifically how to be a relevant player and leader in this industry.

I am committed to being at the LEADING EDGE of TECHNOLOGY.  Where many brokerages are investing in their future trying to control the leads that come in, I am investing in the tools to help the AGENTS develop leads from their contact lists…and how to EXPAND their circle of contacts to generate MORE LEADS!  It is kind of like give an agent a fish and he will be able to feed himself for the day or what we believe, give the agent the best fishing pole and a fishfinder and they will be able to feed their family the fish out of their own private lake;-)

Unlike most brokerages, NextHome Champions is incredibly selective of who will add to the dynamic of our culture.  I would rather have 10-15 experienced and DRAMA FREE agents that will utilize the technology and social media portion to leverage their businesses.

Gone are the days when the two old gray haired brokers can sit at their oak desks in their library and expect agents to come to the office for the entire day and collect half of the commission.

I also believe that MOST agents can’t succeed at a brokerage where they may get 100% of the commission but are provided no tools, no leadership, no training…but then again, this isn’t an office for most agents either.

I believe that there is a happy middle ground when it comes to commission, there has to be, the tools aren’t free, and if you’ve considered the new iPhone X, you know how expensive technology is…but if you aren’t embracing it, using it and leveraging it then there isn’t a point to it.  If we could teach you how to get 3, 4, or 5 more transactions a year OR increase your average sales price of the transactions you close OR BOTH?  Would you happily give up a portion of your commission?  We would, in fact…we DO!

I also believe that you should be rewarded for knowing more, learning more, achieving accreditations and also for pitching in to help the team.

When I think about the agents that I want at this brokerage the answer is pretty simple.  When my daughter is older and if I was no longer in this business, who would I recommend she work with.  The answer better be every one of the names at this brokerage.  That’s why we are so selective, that’s why the answer isn’t already a yes we’d love to have you…like most brokerages 😉

If you understand the importance of technology in this industry and think you have what it takes to be a Champion, I would love to have a conversation with you…simply email, call or even text me and I will gladly have a conversation over coffee if you’d like.  In case you’re curious, you never have to worry about anyone finding out.  Everything is completely confidential!

Call me at 616-886-6766